It is for a reason the settlements in the Mediterranean basin are known as the cradle of civilizations. The Anatolian peninsula attracts attention as one of the most colourful sub-regions, with the Aegean beaches facing Anatolia, with its pleasant climate and beautiful nature, and with its social and cultural diversity. Civilizations established throughout the centuries have left their traces and this unique region has a special position in Turkish society today.

In this context, it is not surprising that Bodrum, with its historical and natural attractions, has turned into a center of attention that welcomes people from all over the world. Since the city attracts not only tourists but intellectuals, prominent figures in social, economic, and scientific fields reside in Bodrum transforming the city into an intellectual capital.

Hosting a large crowd, especially in the summer months, Bodrum's accommodation and transportation infrastructure make the city comfortable all year round. Bodrum’s brand value is constantly enriched by this dynamic interaction of scholars and intellectuals of all levels.

Inspired by the legacy of The Fisherman of Halicarnassus and his masterpiece entitled the Blue Exile, Bodrum+ Institute was established to bring the youth to the area and to create permanent ties between the local people and the intellectual forces at the global level.

In addition to International Relations, Political Science, Cultural and Social Studies, Bodrum+ Institute's current fields also cover environment, climate, economy, and development. This effort aims to promote Bodrum in the international arena and to contribute to its infrastructure all year round by;

  • Organizing workshops, roundtables, seminars, and conferences;
  • Hosting special purpose forums;
  • Creating workspaces for academics to spend their paid academic leave (sabbatical);
  • Organizing summer and winter schools for students;
  • Organizing specific training on local and regional priorities;
  • Initiating international events with Bodrum’s civil society representatives and the citizens;
  • Executing national and international projects related to Bodrum and beyond;
  • Ensuring that Bodrum+ Institute serves Bodrum, as the intellectual catalyst enriching its brand value and symbolic capital;
  • Promoting the town’s ecological sustainability and establishment of green policies;
  • and other events.

Logo of Bodrum+ Institute:
The logo's colour is inspired by the blue windows of Bodrum houses, and the orange by Bodrum’s famous tangerines. The + (plus sign) means that Bodrum is always willing to go beyond in order to explore the infinite. It symbolizes our warm welcome to people of many academic disciplines and students from all walks of life as well as cooperation with many different professionals and institutions. Moreover, the + (plus) stands as a reminder that the institute will never stop striving to improve the quality of its teaching, interaction, and research.


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