The settlements in the Mediterranean basin have been known as the cradle of civilizations throughout the ages. The Anatolian peninsula attracts attention as one of the most colorful sub-regions, especially with the coasts of the Aegean Sea facing Anatolia, its climate and natural advantages, as well as its social and cultural diversity. The existence of civilizations that have been established and left their traces in this geography throughout history places this unique region of our country in a special position today.

In this context, it is not surprising that Bodrum, with its historical and natural beauties, has turned into a center of attraction that welcomes people from all over the world. The city attracts not only tourists but also people possessing high intellectual capacity from all around the world in its most mature era and has transformed the city into an intellectual capital where the world's prominent individuals in economic, social, and scientific terms reside.

Hosting a large crowd, especially in the summer months, Bodrum's accommodation and transportation infrastructure make the city accessible for the rest of the year. In light of these facts, creating a dynamic interaction capacity by using Bodrum's capacity to attract scholars/intellectuals of all levels in every period of the year will make an intellectual contribution to Bodrum's brand value.

With this perspective and being aware of the impact of the intellectual level of The Fisherman of Halicarnassus sent to the Blue Exile, Bodrum+ Institute was established to bring the new Cevat Şakirs to Bodrum and to create permanent ties between the local people and the intellectual accumulation at the global level.

In addition to international relations, political science, and cultural and social fields, International Studies and Security Research Association (ISSR) initiative Bodrum+ Institute's current fields also cover environment, climate, economy, and development, and it is aimed to serve the promotion of Bodrum in the international arena and to contribute to the fullness of Bodrum's infrastructure outside the high season by;

  • Organizing workshops, roundtables, seminars, and conferences,
  • Hosting special purpose forums,
  • Creating workspaces for academics to spend their paid academic leave (sabbatical),
  • Organizing summer and winter schools for students,
  • Organizing specific training on local and regional priorities,
  • Organizing international events with Bodrum local government and civil society,
  • Executing national and international projects related to Bodrum,
  • Ensuring the global intellectual capacity of Bodrum+ Institute to serve Bodrum, especially for the establishment of green policies on environmental issues in Bodrum,
  • and other events.

Logo of Bodrum+ Institute:
The logo's color has been taken from the blue color used in the windows of Bodrum houses, and the + (plus) sign color from Bodrum's tangerines. The + (plus) sign used in the logo expresses being open to working in different academic disciplines and the aim of working in cooperation with different institutions.


"Mayor Aras Met with University Students"

Environment and Sustainability Summer School, organized in cooperation with Bodrum Municipality and Bodrum+ Institute hosted 36 students from departments of political science, engineering, and law from TOBB ETU and TED Universities. The participants of the summer school met with Mayor Ahmet Aras at Karaova Youth and Agriculture Park.

"Academics and Students Look for an Excuse to Come More Frequently to Bodrum"

Bodrum+ Institute Coordinator Dr. Haldun Yalçınkaya was interviewed in the 103rd issue of Mavi Magazine (July 2022).

"Science among the Tangerine Gardens"

Bodrum+ Institute Coordinator Dr. Haldun Yalçınkaya interviewed Devrim Devecioğlu for the 78th issue of @GazeteOksijen (17-23 June).


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